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Smart View Tracker logs showing local machine time instead of Actual gateway time stamp

I am running R80.10 on SMS and Gateway. When I check the logs in the Smart View tracker, it is showing the time stamp of the machine on which I am running Smart console instead of the time stamp of the Gateway which actually logged the traffic.

It is very essential when we create incidents as we need to report the exact time when the incident has occured.


K Narsimha Rao

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Actually all of your Check Point systems should be time synced via NTP and run on the same time. However, have you checked sk61941?

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Thanks for the update Danny.

As we have sensors globally distributed, they will be synced to the local time zone. So when I see the logs in the tracker, it should reflect the sensor/gateway time instead of the local windows machine where we are running console.

We are really facing big trouble while creating incidents to tell the time to the customer when the incident exactly happened.

I am attaching the screenshot for reference.

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