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Smart-1 Cloud Maas commands don't work - Maas is not installed

Hi team,

Ran into an interesting issue the other day on a R80.30 t200 gateway with latest take 237. Maas was not working and on starting up the gateway or using cpstop/cpstart, there was a start up message that said "Maas was not installed". When trying to use any "maas" or "set security" command in clish or expert mode, no command was found.

The way to fix this issue is to use this command "cpprod_util CPPROD_SetValue "FW1" "isMaasOn" 4 1 1".

This seemed to fix my issues and was able to connect to Smart-1 Cloud with no problems.

I have only tried this in a lab environment and NOT in production.

Hopefully this helps someone.


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