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Should I upgrade a Smart-1 210 to R80.10

We have a Smart-1 210 appliance with default 8GB RAM that runs on R77.30. This SMS is managing a VSX cluster which consist of two VSX Gateways and with two Virtual Systems. I do not have a seperate logserver  so the appliance will run as SMS and logserver. I would like to migrate to R80.10 but are there prerformance concerns?

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Take a look at this document: 


* Smart-1 25b, 205, and 210 appliances with default memory can run Security Management OR
Log Server OR SmartEvent.
** We recommend that you upgrade the memory of Smart-1 205 to 16GB as part of the upgrade to
*** Smart-1 210 with memory extension to 16GB can run Security Management AND/OR Log
Server AND/OR SmartEvent.

Edes Leandro Cardoso.


Hello Danny,

From my personal experience, Smart-1 210 works fine with R80.X as management only (and peraphs SmartLog too) with its default RAM.

To me, the main problem was when SmartEvent was enabled, which gave some performance issues (specially with RAM). As Check Point recommends on R80.10 release notes:

If you want to execute Management, SmartLog and SmartEvent; definitely you should upgrade the RAM to 16 GB. Otherwise you can run only one of the three (without affecting performance).

This is the SKU for RAM upgrade: CPAC-RAM16GB-SM205/210



It really depends on the complexity of the rulebase, number of objects and number of logs but I would probably stay away with only 8GB of ram. Sorry if it's not good news. R80.10 is definitely more CPU and RAM hungry due to the all new gadgets

To be more constructive, check your CPU and RAM usage currently and of its not too loaded you should be ok. 

We were forced to quadruple VM power to run R80.10