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Service Contract File is necesary?

Hi community

It is neccesary to have or update the Service Contract File?

If i deleted some of these contract the traffic will be affected? I assume it is not necessary but I would like to find a sense


What is a Service Contract File? 

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Yes, it's a sort of license file for functionality that requires an annual contract like IPS signatures, Anti-Virus, Anti-Bot.

Without it, certain features will not function.

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In the Link: What is a Service Contract File? we can find the according technical information, but let me provide a broader introduction here. More about the Threat Protection Services can be found in sk44175 IPS Software Blade contracts in R71 and higher.

Licensing is an important part of CheckPoint products that is accomplished by two files from UserCenter:

- the license file CPLicenseFile.lic

- the Contract File ServiceContractFile.xml

The license file contains which blades are usable, the contract file tells how long the subscriptions for support and services last. Relevant for functionality are the services, as e.g. ABOT or AV will not work without a valid service contract and IPS will only use old protections as all protections produced after March 2009 will be disabled. You will get warning messages some weeks prior to the service end date when performing a policy install.

So if you delete the service contract file from a GW, traffic will even be less restricted as most Threat Protection will no longer be performed .