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Security checkup r80.10 erro in query and report

Dear colleagues;

I did the security checkup on a client, but I did not use Blink Image, because the equipment is a 4200, so he could not handle the traffic, I did using an SM-205 and a GW 4200 in version 80.10.

I had some problems of loss of communication between the manager and the GW when I connected the cable of the monitor, because the 4200 was in 100% of the consumption. All you had to do was pull out the cable to get back to communication.

Even so I finished, and I got the data, but I have some problems like:

  1. The report is not executing some query as you can see in the attached document.
  2. Another error, when exporting to PDF it, gives a Status Failed error in Archive Task.
  3. Can you help me solve it?
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It is very tough to find issue. I would suggest contact to TAC

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The best way to go is opening a support ticket like it was suggested.

Meanwhile, you can edit the report and delete the failed widgets, or change their configuration (remove fields, add/remove grouping, etc)

Once all queries are returned successfully, you will be able to generate the report PDF.


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