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Security Gateway Disk full

My one of the R80.10 Gateway Disk is full and it is build on VMware. If any one has any suggestion.

Now no logs are switched to management server...

/var/log  --->100%

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Hi Aloke,

Based on your mention of no logs on the Management server from the Gateway, we can assume that the gateway is logging locally for some reason.

1. Verify SIC.
2. Open a case with TAC.

Under normal circumstances, the Gateway should not fill to 100%.

  - We need to verify the "Logs" Pane of the Gateway Object in SmartConsole.

     - "Local Storage" Configuration
  - There will be Disk Space Thresholds to configure here.

    - Configurable Actions to perform when Disk space is above thresholds.


/var/log optimize to 80% yesterday by deleting some old logs but after a hour again /var/log is 100%.

There is URL filtering , application control blade ,identity awareness, and Firewall blade is enabled.


Use this command from expert mode to find large files on the /var/log filesystem:

find /var/log -mount -type f -size +10000000 -ls

If it doesn't find any, knock a zero off the "10000000" and try again.


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Some VMware files are built quiet small,  drop into expert mode and look at lvm_manager see sk sk95566 I often find free space that I can add to the log partition

LVM overview
                                       Size(GB)                      Used(GB)                 Configurable        Description
lv_current                         9                                     6                            yes                      Check Point OS and products
lv_log                               15                                    8                            yes                      Logs volume
upgrade                           0                                     N/A                         no
swap                                3                                     N/A                         no                         Swap volume size
free                                  7                                     N/A                         no                         Unused space
------- ----
total 49 N/A no Total size

Resizing lv_log Logical Volume
lv_log size can be between 9G to 22G.
Enter the new size(GB) or leave blank to cancel:

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