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Rulebase's logs

I have a Security Management Server that don't show log when I try the first option to show the logs in rule base.

1. Click in the rule normally, the SMS creates a filter by "layer_uuid_rule_uuid" and it's showed like "Current Rule". Doesn't work

2. Click in the same rule on rigth-button - > Show Logs -> Show rule Contents Logs, the SMS creates a filter by "src,dst,port..." and it's named also "current logs". It's Work

I updated to the last hotfix and the behavior changed. Now the first option show me logs of another rule.I already tried run cpstop;cpstart, evstop;evstart and upgrade to the last version.

Someone have any idea ? It's a bug ?

Version: 80.10 take 70

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This shouldn't happen - please open a task for this so that Check Point Support will be able to investigate.

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