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Rename management host object but not hostname


I need to rename the Management server object in SmartConsole, but I do not need to change the hostname. All of the documents I found in searches assume that you need to do both.

Currently the hostname is "Smartcenter" and the SmartDashboard object is called "FW_MGR"; I need to rename it to "Smartcenter".

Step one in article sk42071 says that it can be done without changes to SIC:

Change the name of the Management Server object to the desired setting in SmartDashboard. (Unlike Security Gateways, this can be done without making any changes to SIC).

But this same article then says that you need to follow steps 1 to 4 which include removing gateways from the VPN and changing the hostname which I dont need to do:

Step 1 and Step 4 are the only steps that are required to change the hostname of a Security Management Server.

I have recently upgraded from R80.10 to R80.40 and this is the final step I need to complete the job. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.



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The hostname in Gaia OS and the object name in SmartConsole should be the same.
There can be some unexpected behavior if the names different.
FYI, the R80.x procedure is: 

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Management object name is used in the root certificate. If you change it, you will have to re-do all SIC in your system, after resetting MGMT root CA. 


I'm a little bit in the same boat, but, someone named the log server R80_20. I would like to rename it to something more generic. Would there be any issues in changing the name of the log server. What else would I need to do?

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