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RADIUS - Update username in accept?

We have integrated YubiKey OTP (result when pushing the button or holding the key to a mobile device's NFC reader) with freeRADIUS.

We had a requirement to support PAP, NTLMv2 and MS-CHAPv2, so we couldn't combine the password with the 44 char Yubico OTP. Doing this, aka RSA token style, would invalidate mutual hashing of the password.


We have ssh access to Gaia working, by using the OTP as the username, but Management access is dependant on having created a username object.


I presume this would be a feature request?

Is there currently a way one could login to Smart Console using the following OTP as the username and have it associate the session with the username returned in an attribute, as part of the success reply?

Sample Yubico OTP: cccccctcikejgjvkcdbdkjutfcrjlkurjikecdrdvvgl

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Pretty sure you are correct, this is an RFE.

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