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R80 Solr Log indexing

Hi all I have a pretty generic question about the SOLR log indexing. I want to know if the indexing is shared between multiple log servers. I especially want to know what happens when you separate the logs server from the main policy manager, for instance if you deploy a separate log server running smart event and direct all gateways to log to that dedicated log server. Is there any communication between the SOLR indexing on the managers if not how do you view logs from the dashboard when logged in to the policy manager is this function not available if the logs are directed to a different manager? If there is connectivity between the Managers how is this achieved (sic I would assume) as it is entirely possible to have the managers geographically separated?

I appreciate that in R7X it was a case you had to open separate consoles to different managers but in R80 it has, you know kind of been sold as this all singing all dancing one stop shop. Just curious how this functionality works. 



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One of the big features in R80 was the unified console, you have the ability to log into the policy manager, click on the Logs pane and see logs from all connected log servers. If preferable you can also choose to only see logs for certain log servers. All communication is done through SIC, if one of the log servers is not communicating you will see an error in the Logs pane.

I have personally seen a setup where we tried to stand up a log server in a different location than the management server, but had severe issues caused by NATing. I am not sure if that is officially supported or not.

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That will actually be very interesting. I can think of at least two or three customers currently on R7X that have the distributed deployment of Log servers. I wonder if CP can give us a better explanation of how the Solr communicates so that NAT issues like the one you mention can be investigated and resolved. 

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I can't answer if the "indexing is shared" but it will search all log servers. We have environment of primary and secondary MDS where secondary MDS also acts as a backup for logs that normally go to MLM. So whenever MLM is offline say for an upgrade, log search will happily present results from the secondary MDS instead without any special interaction.

I hope it answers your question Smiley Happy

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