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R80 Smart Event - Blank Reports

We are testing out Smart Event (45 day trial) but are not seeing everything that we expected.  Looking at this in particular because a request has come that we start tracking how often certain staff members are on the Internet (as one option) - and where they are going.

I am trying to use the Detailed User Activity Report -> but it continues to be blank, no matter what I try.

App/URL filtering have been turned on.  Identity Awareness is working.  We have logs - at least that I can see.  

What am I missing?  (We are running R80)

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But have you actually enabled SmartEvent?

Do you see other reports?

Also, are you running R80 (which is 2 years old), R80.10, or R80.20?

In your management/log server, make sure you've done the following:

You also need to do an Install Database after this:

After some time, hopefully you'll see some information.


We are running 80.10.  Smart Event Features are checked off, and the Database has been installed.  We can see details for some reports, such as General Overview - both in reports and views.  

However the activity reports which is what we need to see are blank.  It pretty much looks like any report that is in the "Access Control" Category is blank.

We are trying to gather data on URL's that Staff are going to.  I turned on URL/APP blades as well - and pushed policy. We have rebooted the Management Server and FW blades.  Still nothing.

Do I need to create rules to gather this information?  And if so - where would I do that?

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What rules in your policy are accepting the traffic you're interested in?

If the track is set merely to "Log" it will not be enough to trigger App Control and URL Filtering, and thus you will not see a lot in the reports.

You will need to change the Track of the rules to either Detailed or Extended.

Right-click on the Track field of the relevant rule and select More:

From here, you can choose from four different Track options.

Here are the options:

  • Log: Basic layer 3-4 information logging, will not trigger App Control/URL Filtering if enabled in this layer
  • Detailed Log: Will provide the high-level website/application being accessed (assuming App Control and URL Filtering are enabled)
  • Extended Log: Will also provide individual URLs accessed (which will generate additional data in the logs, of course)


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