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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

R80 Management API tips and tricks - Using environment variables

When running the mgmt_cli tool, it reads many of its activation parameters from environment variables.

This is useful when using automation scripts. It is supported both on Windows and Linux machines.

Here is a list:

Parameter NameCommand Line SwitchEnvironment Variable
User name-uMGMT_CLI_USER
User password-pMGMT_CLI_PASSWORD
Name or IP address of management domain-dMGMT_CLI_DOMAIN
Management server IP address-mMGMT_CLI_MANAGEMENT
Port of API server on management server--portMGMT_CLI_PORT
Proxy settings-xMGMT_CLI_PROXY
File containing session information using Login-sMGMT_CLI_SESSION_FILE
Established session identifier (sid) using Login--session-idMGMT_CLI_SESSION_ID
API response format-fMGMT_CLI_FORMAT

For example, on Linux machine use - 

export MGMT_CLI_USER=me
export MGMT_CLI_PASSWORD=secret

Then call the Login command - 

mgmt_cli login

If you are writing a script to automate your tasks, you can save the password obscured, and then un-obscure in script just before calling the login command.


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