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R80 Logging Query

I want to send a screenshot of the Logs view to a customer to demonstrate an issue and highlight a point I'm trying to make.

The issue is VPN related, where we continually try and set up a tunnel, then send a "delete", then set up, then send a delete.

I want to show this in my log view so I can take a screenshot, but the one field I want to add to my log view is not available.

If I open the log card, I see the "Ike" field, highlighted in red below.  I want to add that column to my log view.



Other log cards have "Methods" showing info of the key exchange, but again "Methods" is not available to select as a column in my log view.



If I go to my log and "Edit Profile", neither the "Ike" or "Methods" fields are available to select as a column in my log view.




Why aren't these columns available to add?

How can I add them?


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Not every field you can see for a log entry can be added as a column.
Perhaps @Dan_Zada can comment why this is.

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