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R80.40 Logs filtering and exporting three month logs

Hi Expert,

We have upgraded our Firewall to R80.40 from R77.20. I want to filter and download logs for one specific IP but not getting option. I can filter logs but can export only visible logs in csv not all logs. It was very easy in older version smart view tracker but here i am not getting option to export older logs.  I tried https://management-ip/smartview  but not getting option to filter IP.   Please help and guide.

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SmartView (and the log viewer in SmartConsole R80.x) have a Google-like search.
You can just type the relevant IP address you're looking for into the search bar, and you should see all the logs related to that IP.
Review the documentation for more complex search queries:

Note that you do need to use SmartView to export more than "visible" logs.
The maximum number of log entries that will be exported is 1 million entries.

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