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R80.30 High Availability CMA Status check

I have a HA MDS configuration with HA CMAs is there a way through the API that I can run a command to check which CMA/MDS is active and which is standby?

I can check the active CMA using this command:

run-script script-name "Check HA Status" script "cpstat mg" targets.1 "UID of Device" --format json


However I get the following error when I run that against the standby.

"code" : "err_validation_failed",
"message" : "Running a script from SmartConsole on the management is not supported"


Any ideas as to how this can be accomplished would be great.

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I have also noticed that on my secondary CMA/SMS if I try to run a script I get the error "running a script from smartconsole is only supported on gaia R77 and above gateways and clusters". Something is up with the secondary that I have so far not been able to figure out. Any Ideas would be helpful.

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