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R80.10 SmartConsole connectivity

HI CheckMates gurus

Has anyone any information about the error message I get when trying to connect to a SMS recently upgraded to R80.10 + Jumbo HF 103? Connectivity works fine from several systems on the customer LAN (although we couldn't install the native SmartConsole R80.10 build 042, due to some weird AV behavior and had to go with the Portable version instead...

I get the error in the attached screenshot when attempting to connect from a remote system installed by our Group IT team on a Windows 2008 R2 Standard server (no Citrix or MS Terminal Services involved)

Could the error be caused by the take / build of the SmartConsole package installed on the server or there might me other factor involved?

Tcpdump executed on the SMS for port 19009 shows the 3-way TCP handshake being performed correctly and then the client resets the connection (so this is not the behavior described in sk122073...

Thanks in advance for any hints...

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Could well be that you need SmartConsole R80.10 build 042 - and i can not understand why you are unable to install this version on any client machine. But this looks as TAC should be involved anyway !

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Thanks Gunther

Problem sorted... There is a Palo Alto cluster between the Smart Console client and the Smart Center server... Whoever configured that cluster to allow traffic on port 19009 instead of simply creating a new service and allow it through the policy, decided to be "clever" and cloned an application previously created for the CPMI - 18190 protocol and just changed the port.

The Palo didn't like this and any subsequent packet following the 3-way TCP handshake for the CPM -19009 session was dropped and cold not reach the management system...  


TCP port 19009 is most definitely NOT CPMI. Smiley Happy

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Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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