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R80.10 MDS List all License (even unattached) in CMA

Hey we are trying to compare our usercenter against whats actually in our CMA's (there are 24 of them) for our upcoming maintenance renewals. 

We have quite a few license that are unattached and when doing a cplic print it only shows attached license.  Is there a way to show all license regardless if they are attached or not for a given CMA from the commandline? I would like to be able to grep for the key instead of connecting to each CMA and sorting the license and trying to find them. 


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I would try to look into the license repository using cplic db_print -all -a, see Security Management Administration Guide R80.10 p. 288 !

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In the Multidomain list, do a sort on CK (Key) you will probably find that you will have duplicates.

I would not bother to much about it at the moment, it's a mess and you might think you want it cleaned, soon I will be migrating our R80.10 MDS to R80.20 and hope that there this will resolve.

I have been cleaning the mess a couple of times now and spent a lot of time on it without any real results, as a couple of months later your back at square 1. I have no clue why but licensing on MDS level seems to be very difficult to get it right.

Even attaching a license from repository is a 2 or sometimes 3 step process, first time it will tell you ok, but it does not show, second time you add the same license it tells you it's already attached, but still you don't see it, do a get licenses from the CMA and all the sudden ah yeah I have a license.

Regards, Maarten


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