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R80.10 - Can the Mobile Access Portal be disabled on a single gateway in a muti-gateway invironment?


  • R80.10 (policies managed from single Smart Console)
  • Three separate gateways with separate ISP connections to the Internet
  • Active Directory integration for use with 2-factor authentication for Mobile Access
  • Legacy local firewall account still used on one of the gateways (single factor authentication for remote access)

We have configured the Mobile Access Portal which we would like to limit its use to on only two of the three gateways. The Mobile Access Portal does not appear for the user when using a local firewall account for the remote access, which is how we want it.

The 3rd gateway will authenticate for users using either their local firewall account or their corresponding  AD account crendentials (login names are different to avoid conflict).

On this 3rd "limited" gateway, we would like to be able to scope down the access in one of the following ways:

  1. Force the 3rd gateway to only accept local firewall accounts for authentication (thus the Mobile Access Portal content will not be available)
  2. Disable the Mobile Access Portal when an AD account is used to authenticate, so it does not appear

So far, we have not come upon a method for doing either of the above.

Hopefully, it is just something we overlooked on our part and one of the items above can be configured for the single gateway, until a time when we have finally migrated completely away from using local firewall accounts for remote access.

Thanks in advance.


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Shot in the dark here, but have you tried this option?

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Hi Dameon--

Thanks for the response and no I have not tried that particular configuration setting.
On the surface it sure seems like what I seek.

I will give that a try and update here with the results.


Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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