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R75.20 gateway support from R80.10 management server

I am doing a long overdue upgrade from R75.20 to R80.10 and have just about nutted out the management server piece but want to make sure I don't break my gateways by upgrading the management server to R80.10 and the gateways are still at R75.20.

This is only a temporary measure until I can plan the gateway upgrades (most recommendations are to start from scratch rather than upgrade).

To provide the full picture, I am going from Windows Server 2008R2 R75.20 to Gaia R77.30 (different server name, different IP address).  Once I get that sorted I'll go from R77.30 to R80.10.  After that is complete I plan to do the security gateways (2 locations x 2 in HA mode).

Will the gateways continue to work with an R77.30 (and R80.10) management server ?

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All looks supported according to release notes page 15. As long as you don't have the smaller appliances. Then there are some limitations but check release notes

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