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Quos Global Configuration Settings Explanation


I would like to have a clear explanation about QOS Global Configuration Settings.

I have a security policy with 100 rules and they all get the default weight (10).

Let's say that the available bandwidth is 10GBps.

  • What is the available bandwidth for every separate rule?
  • What happens when a rule does not have active connections?
  • How can I monitor the bandwidth of each rule?
  • QOS weight is applicable even if the QOS blade is not activated?

Below you can see the QOS settings,



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One point you have made which I think is important, the ability to actually monitor a rule that has a QoS policy ie. bandwidth rule.

I've never been able to see this, but it would be nice to have a field where its showing you bandwidth stats for each rule.

Logically, from a reporting prospective I would like to see a report that could be run against the rule with QoS to map out the history of usage, better still monitor via SNMP (that may be too much).