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Question about policy installation processes

Hi, I'm studying for the CCSM and the guide says:
"On the management side, CPD invokes the cpta command to send policy to all applicable Security Gateways for installation."

But in other community posts and in the sk101226 - Policy installation flow process  it says:
"FWM process invokes the Check Point Policy Transfer Agent (CPTA) command that sends the policy to all applicable Security Gateways. "

So, what's the correct process which invokes the CPTA to transfer the policy to the security gateways? FWM or CPD?
I guess it's FWM because  when you have policy installation issues, you debug the FWM process.
But, does that mean that there's a mistake on the CCSM guide?


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During policy installation from a Security Management server, files are sent by fw_loader executable (using CPD's API).

fw_loader is invoked by ”fwm load” command, used when Install Policy is started.


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