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Push policy adding large number of objects

We have two rules that block IP addresses/network ranges (one for traffic coming in from those IPs, the other for traffic going out).  The SOC at my company added about 18K objects to new groups (about 1500 objects per group, a previous group with a large number of objects had become difficult to add new IPs to).  They had been pushing policy as they added the IPs in batches of 1000, but then realized that they hadn't actually put the new groups in the block rules and now want to push that out.  That seems like a large number of objects to go out at once(and about 10 new groups being added to the list of 15 groups in the current block rules).  Has anyone ever done a push like this, or have any thoughts on the performance impact?  Firewalls are 15400.  TIA.

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How did this project play out, was adding so many objects to groups work out?  


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