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Provider-1 on Open System looking to move it to VM environment

Currently running P-1 (R80.10) on open system hardware, over dozen cma's  that manage over 200 gateways. Thinking about moving P-1  into  VM environment (r80.20). I'm looking for pro's and con's and any gotcha. Haven't found any

documentation on this subject or any sizing specs. If someone has any expertise in this matter or has done this . Please

share your experience or comments. Thanks

current hardware 16TB drive and 128gb of memory.

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Such migration is not uncommon and usually successful. You can move your environment using standard MDS backup / restore procedures.

Several things need to be taken into account:

1. virtual HW is usually slower than physical, so you may need to bump up and/or tune it for better dedicated performance. There is an SK for that: Best Practices - Performance Optimization of Security Management Server installed on VMware ESX Virt... 

2. Mind the attached storage use, this is one of the usual bottlenecks, especially when you share it with many other VMs.


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