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Oh is this a winner and introduced with no fanfare

In doing my review of updates, I found something resolved in Take 221 of R80.30 that makes audits clean and reduces pain in the butt resolutions.  Yes, PRJ=13726, PMTR-55574. 

"Global object deletion will be blocked if used in Domains on the Multi Domain (sic) Server." 
"The "Unused Objects" filter in the Global Domain will show objects only if not used by all of the Domains on the Multi-Domain Server."

With multiple hands working changes, including some 1st level support folks, it was about every 6 months this one would stop some deployment.  And this sounds like it goes away.  Yippee!

The dev / dev team that worked on this deserves a week at the beach for this.

George Ellis


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Agree this would be an important one for a large multi-domain estate.

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Thank you for the feedback!

A week at the beach is going to be a bit difficult during the winter + flight lockdown 😀

Kudos to the people that developed it and insisted on pushing it to previous versions as well: @Miri_Ofir , @Ran_Kopelman , @Dorit_Aharon 

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