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Objects Utilization Report

Hello everyone,


We're in a process to clean-up the old objects that we have on our CheckPoint environment. For that, we were using until last year, usage reports on rules/groups/objects from AlgoSec, but today that option is not available anymore.


As example:



So, can you recommend a way to generate some Usage Reports on Groups/Objects, so we would easily identify the "obsolete" ones.


Thank you,

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I don't think you can can easily determine which objects are hit the most without doing some heavy log crunching with something like Algosec.  However there is a hidden option in the Object Explorer that can show you completely unused objects:


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Hey @Timothy_Hall ,


Thank you for pointing that out,

I was aware of that option, but it shows the defined objects that are not used in any rule.

And most definitely we can use that for clean-ups of orphaned objects, but like you concluded we're looking for the other option "doing some heavy log crunching with something like Algosec".

In the end I'll play dumb and get an AlgoSec Demo for a month or so, and still have some better view/reporting, if no other tool can do this.






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