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OS authentication in SmartConsole

SmartConsole OS authentication should be easy to setup, according to manual. It also states that I can use Windows domain accounts:

Operating System Password OS Password is stored on the operating system of the computer on which the Security Gateway (for users) or Security Management Server (for administrators) is installed. You can also use passwords that are stored in a Windows domain. No additional software is required.

Trying that out, audit log seems to show different error message if the username is unknown or if the password is wrong. So it recognizes my account exists, but doesn't accept the correct password. My question: Any idea how to debug what happens? Domain controllers won't show any logs for the attempt and it seems like there is no outgoing traffic to domain controllers at all. Yet it recognizes the account.

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This is mostly a legacy option from when your SMS could be a Windows box.

Radius backed onto AD or sk145392 are your current options.



OS Password refers to the OS the component (gateway or management) is running on.
Since R80+ only runs on Gaia OS, this only works if the user is defined in Gaia OS with a password.
It will not support authenticating with a Windows domain.

In earlier releases, it was possible to run Gateways and Management on Windows, where Windows OS would handle the domain authentication.


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