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Need to Exporting Check Point logs over syslog (windows MGMT Server)

Dear Team,

This is my third post on CheckMates.

Query: Need to  Exporting Check Point logs over Syslog (windows MGMT Server)

SIEM: Alien Vault /Any (My case I am using Alian vault)

Q1: Is this possible if we using Windows base MGMT server R77.30 and i need to send the logs over syslog or CEF ???


Gateway: GAIA R77.30 OS

Refer: sk122323

(Please reply if I am wrong)

--> As I know there are three methods to exporting logs to any SIEM.

OPTION 1: Create a New OPSEC Application for the Alien Vault (Any SIEM) using SmartDashboard. (No Add-on package required for this)
OPTION 2:  Using SmartDashboard, In the Server folder, a new sub-folder Syslog should appear that contains the new Syslog Server object.
---> This required add-on package to install.
OPTION 3: Using LogExporter.
Log Exporter: - Log Exporter is an easy and secure method for exporting Check Point logs over syslog. Exporting can be done in a few standard protocols and formats. 
#Chinmaya Naik 
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As far as I know, this is not possible on Windows.

The option you're thinking of send syslog from the gateway, which only contains firewall logs and no other blade logs.

That may not be what you want.

Log Exporter is only for Gaia OS.


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