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Hi together

If have a Question regarding Nat

What is the different when I configure NAT based on the Firewall himself or on the MGMT Server ?
Cannot find any Information on the Course manual.


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You already marked the correct answer yourself.

The Firewall is a Gateway object which can Hide (NAT) all traffic passing through it behind it's own IP addresses.

The MGMT Server is a simple host object which tells the firewall to hide traffic from this host behind the Firewalls own IP address.

Also note the question mark in each windows which provides additional information whenever you need it.


The tab you are looking at is the NAT on the Object tab. It is used to configure address translation for a specific object, so that object can reach and/or be reached from external networks. 

In your case, there is a NAT Hide configured for your Management server, so it could go to Internet using your a routable IP address. It does not make any sense to do NAT for the GW itself, as it is already having a routable IP address on its external interface.

For further information on NAT config and usage, please refer to Security Management R80.10 (Part of Check Point Infinity) Administration Guide 

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