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Migrate log Server from 80.20 SMS to Dedicated box and upgrade to 80.40

Hello Mates


I am looking for some assistance about if and how to go about migrating the logs from existing Smart-1 210 box running 80.20 and out them onto a new VM created for dedicated log server.


Both Smart-1 210 and dedicated log server also need to be upgraded to 80.40.


Any help is really appreciated, I have looked through documentation but its all in circles and does not give clear idea.

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To migrate both the Security Management and the Dedicated Log Server you will have to use the advanced upgrade method as described here:



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Hi @Uri_Lewitus   thank you for reply however I will be upgrading the SMS and for that I have gone through the guide , however a new Log server will be installed which would be on 80.40 and I am looking for assistance on how to migrate existing logs from the current SMS  to the new log server which will be 80.40. For simplicity lets say I even upgrade SMS to 80.40 first then how to migrate logs NOT log server. any idea?

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Speaking from memory - will update from notes later if necessary.

  1. Do evstop on the source and target
  2. Copy the log files from $FWDIR/logs to the same location on your new server
  3. Set desired indexing period and retention on target
  4. Delete FetchedFiles on target
  5. evstart

Once the smoke clears your logs will be indexed and you'll be able to run reports against them.

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CP logs are not very simple as they consist of different - mostly unreadable -  files, but if you know how, you can backup these logs and transfer to a e.g. different log server or SMS, see sk92920 How to open FireWall log (fw.log) from a different Security Management Server in SmartView T....