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Migrate fro R80.10 to R80.20M2 management server - impact of migration tools on actual server


We are running an R80.10 Management server who is maintaining our 3200 FW boxes?

We have installing a new Management server R80.20M2 from scratch with a new ip address. We now want to migrate the database from the old R80.10 management server to the newly installed server. We have downloaded the migration tools for R80.20M2 and have installed them on the R80.10 appliance.

We now have some questions related to the migration tools.

On the current R80.10 we will do the export with the following command

./migrate export [-l | -x] [-f] [-n] [--exclude-uepm-postgres-db] [--include-uepm-msi-files] /<Full Path>/<Name of Exported File>

1st question is if there would be any impact or service interruption except from using the smartconsole GUI?

We also noticed in other migrations using this tools that the old IP-address and hostname in the Management DB are getting transferred, is there any way to skip this?

When doing an import on the new machine, does it affect the current configuration in the R80.10 management server?

In other words, are the appliances maintained by the R80.10 management getting moved to the new management server or do we have to re-establish a SIC from the new management server to the appliances? And when doing so the connection between the appliances and the old management server will get lost/broken.


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