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Migrate export from R77.30 Gaia on open server to R80.30 on Smart-1

Hi Everyone,


Would like to seek some advice on to do and what to look into. I am migrating from R77.30 Gaia on open server to R80.30 on Smart-1.

*The new appliance will still hold the same hostname and IP as the previous one.

My planned methods are to use migrate import/export to the new appliance. This management has a few firewalls managed under it with also VSXs firewalls. I have concerns on few matters:


1. Do we need to re-stablished the SIC's (for both normal and VSX firewalls) after import?

2. Does the firewall rules will be changed in its structure in R80.30. There are thousand lines of rules, so if there is any structure changes, we cant easily identify it.


Already open a case with support, but seems like they have different answers. So would like to seek further opinion and maybe any past experience to share.

Thank you.


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Hi Dear,

I will try to explain for you a good way to provide this migration.

First all, look:

1 - If you doesn't need to change hostname (object hostname), it is not necessary to perform a new SIC between management server and firewalls, cluster or VSX for example.

To perform this migration, basically you must to export a migrate export using R80.30 binaries files  on R77.30 machine. After that, you might only to import the migrate export generated in Smart-1 appliance.

Be careful and backup all your enviroment (snapshot/gaia backup/migrate export) before any action.

Good luck!



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Noted and hank you for sharing. Backups is definately the first thing in mind. Do you have any issues, especially on the firewall rules after it has been migrated?



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It's not expecting any issue unknow, only have in your mind that you're going to a new R80.x architecture and some objects shouldn't to work, but look URL below for complete list.

During migrate export process you'll advised if any conflict has been detected.




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