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Management server version != log server version != gateway version

Hello guys,


I have a small question regarding a specific given setup. Let's say we have the following:

- Management server running R80.20 (no "M" release)

- Dedicated log server running R80.10

- Security gateway running R80.20


Will it be possible for the gateway to send logs to the log server with a "minor" version? I know that it is problematic and without a specific patch not possible at all to manage R80.20 gateways with a R80.10 management site. But I could not find any information about a situation when just the logging is "older".

Currently we have just the management on R80.20 and log + gw's running R80.10 - I'm just wondering if the log needs to be updated before the gateways receive the upgrade.

Best regards & thanks for any hints,


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It is possible to have a R80.20 SMS with GW and Log Server R80.10 - but it would be best to have all R80.20... See Logging and Monitoring Administration Guide R80.20 for details!

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