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Management HA and log viewing on the secondary management server

I am currentley do lab prep work for a new solution;


Two HA (clusterXL) gateway pairs at different sites, and management HA whith a manager installed at each site. All running R81.10 T335.


So far just about everything works as expected, both management servers can communicate with both gateway clusters and management can be failed over between the sites. Logging works as expected on the primary manager

However when I fail the management over between the sites and connect to the now active manager and go to the logs window it throws an error and tells me 'The following problem has been found. Logs server is dissconnected <IP>."

Logging is enabled on both SC's, and the gateway clusters are set to log to both SC's, smart event is not enabled.

Is this expected behaviour or am I missing something obvious?


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Did you define Primary and Secondary Log  Servers ? Not sure if logging to standby is possible as Smart Event is not supported with Management HA. I think dedicated Log / Smart Event Servers would be the way to go. Management HA is used only seldom anymore for its frequent sync issues.

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