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Management HA Lagging: Failed to obtain Edge package

Hello all,

I am encountering an issue about management HA failed to synchronize, the symptom is NOT match to any of sk number on usercenter. Could anyone share the solution? I am using R77.30 JHF T185


Management HA status is [Lagging].

Error message:


Failed to synchronize

Reason: "Failed to obtain Edge packages


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You might try seeing if this applies: FWM process cannot start due to the size of $FWDIR/tmp/fwmtrace.log file reaching 2GB limit 

The reason I am suggesting this SK has to do with the fact it's mentioned in some of the internal documentation around a bug related to this SK.

However, the bug is supposed to be fixed in the take of the jumbo hotfix you're using.

I would recommend engaging with the TAC also: Contact Support | Check Point Software 

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