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MLM reinstall and upgrade

Hi All,

We have an MDS and MLM servers on R80.40, both are VMs and are running on ESXI. Due to not supported partition layout, we have to rebuild MLM server VM from scratch and we would like to grab this opportunity to upgrade the servers to R81.20 from R80.40.

This MLM VM is relatively huge (~6 TB) in the terms of disk space. Currently we are thinking in the following two scenarios:


We are creating a separated VM on R81.20 and installed with the latest JHFA then loading back the CLISH configuration. So same leading IP address, same hostname etc. (of course, rebuilding will be done in an isolated VLAN, while we keep the original MLM VM running until MDS upgrade finished)

After we have performed the MDS upgrade to R81.20 from R80.40 then we would re-SIC the communication with the newly created MLM.


We are creating a new VM on R80.40 and installing the current JHFA on it. Then we are loading back the GAIA backup in order to have an established SIC communication. the SIC communication and every other OS and management component parameter intact. The new VM will be created in an isolated VLAN to avoid IP collision and other interference with the still in production MLM.

We replace the old MLM with the newly created VM and perform the OS upgrade on it.

Note: keeping the FW logs and indexes and migrating them to the new MLM is not a priority, customer will take care of the historical logs, we need to provide the service for the newly created logs onwards.  

May I ask which approach would you recommend or maybe have you got a better solution?

Thanks in advance!


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I believe both scenarios would work, but just me personally, I always prefer to install new server with latest code/jumbo on it.


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I don't think that scenario 1 will work because the MLM won't have the DB.


I have another suggestion: You can use "Advanced Upgrade" procedure.

Export all information + logs/indexes (if you want, would take much longer), install new MLM VM, and import it to new MLM.

Try using this:


Kind regards, Amir Senn

It makes sense. Probably we are acting like this.

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