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MDS multi site HA and HA for Domain servers between two different MDS

Hello Team,



i have 2 MDS server  FRANCE MDS  ->which have one domain server FRANCE-CMA-> this contain some policy(firewall...etc) for all France Firewall gateways 

another server which is INDIA MDS -> which have one domain server INDIA-CMA -> This content some policy (Firewall ...etc) for all India firewall gateways 


i have created another domain server in FRANCE MDS ->called FRANCE DR

same for India , another domain server in INDIA MDS -> INDIA DR


i want to have HA between between them so that policy set in INDIA-CMA should sync with FRANCE DR and the policy set in FRANCE-CMA should sync with INDIA DR..


my main objective to have policy sync between these site in case one of the MDS server (CMA)is down ..

i should able to manage gateways of France in case France MDS/CMA fail and similar want to manage all Gateways in India  from FRANCE MDS/CMA incase India MDS/CMA fail ...




i have tried to go through R80.10 MDS HA guide but it is not that useful


i hope i am clear 




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What you are looking for is not really a problem, however you will need to upgrade to at least R80.20 with JHF 117 or higher or preferred to R80.30 with JHF 135 or higher. Also a good option is to go for R80.40 right away.

You then need to install a HA MDS in either of the 2 locations connected to the Other location, so when you install the new HA-MDS in France, connect it to the existing MDS in India. Now when you are done installing you need to migrate your French domain from the existing MDS in France to the newly installed HA-MDS.

To do so use SK156072 as your guidance.

Once your CMA is moved over to the new server you shut the old down and you can then start creating your backup CMA's on the other location as it is now one setup.

Regards, Maarten
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