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MDS Design - Implementation

Hi Checkpoint,

currently the customer uses the Smart-1 6000-XL to manage 10 firewalls.
because they have 2 subsidiaries, they have plans to activate MDS to manage the 2 subsidiaries in single management.

However, the two subsidiaries each have their own management, namely smart-1 600-S and 600-L.

  1. When we want to activate MDS, does the 6000-XL have to be configured from scratch again? or can it be enabled directly?
  2. Can "subsidiary A" domains still use their existing 600-S management or can this management no longer be used?
    I mean like below design :

Any suggestion from you guys if we have this particular requirement? Thank you very much! 🙂

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You can import external management domains into your new MDS systems. The existing appliances can be then repurposed to work as secondary Domain servers for each of the environments

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