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MDS Backup R80.40

Hi community,

A few months ago I started working at a company that works with Checkpoint appliances and has implemented the MDS R80.40 solution for managing its gateways. I already have experience managing Checkpoint equipment but it is my first experience in an environment where there is an MDS. I would like to know which commands are good to be able to generate the backups of the system and policies, since in an SMS I used the "migrate import" and "migrate export" commands to make the backup of policies and then saved the output of the "show configuration" command for OS backup.

I would like to know, for this particular case, if the "migrate" commands would be the best alternative and if I have to do it for each subdomain or export the configuration in general. Also, in the documentation I found the "mds_backup" command but I would like to know the differences with migrate command. Finally, for the OS, would you recommend me to keep saving the output of the "show configuration" command or do I have to make an additional backup for the OS configuration.

Thank you very much in advance.

Manuel M.

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The legacy "migrate" command shouldn't be used anymore.
migrate_server is used for individual domains, mds_backup is for the entire MDS.
They both have their uses, depending on the precise goal.
To see a comparison of the different methods: 

For the OS, show configuration is often used.

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Mdsbackup is ment to be used for regular backup while migrate is to be used for upgrading.

For the os it is good to have cpinfo -y all and show configuration and with this and an mdsbackup file you can restore a server from bare metal.

For the restore to work you must have same os version and jhf installed.

Another tool that is available, and can be used before major changes or upgrading is snapshots.


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