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MDM Licensing

Hi CheckMates,


We have a project to implement a MDS/MDM on our Network.


1. I would like to ask how does MDS/MDM being licensed in general?

2. Are the additional Add MDS license CPSB-DMN-X additive based on how many MDS/MDM will be configured?

3. Relation of the MDS/MDM License to the Smart1/SMS Container License?

4. Example we want to implement an MDS/MDM the requirement is 40 Domains what MDS licenses we need to purchase and what model is best fit? 

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There's two factors that matter with MDS/MDM licensing:

  • Number of Domains (or CMAs)
  • Total number of gateways managed across all domains

Domain licensing (CPSB-DMN-X) is additive, as I recall, though you're usually better off trading up for the next largest one. 
Or, in your case, buying a CPSB-DMN-50.
Total number of gateways managed is not except in the case of 150 gateways, e.g. CPSM-NGSM150 where you can add chunks of 50 gateways using CPSB-GW-EXT-50.

The above is in terms of Open Server licenses.
If you're buying Check Point Appliances, you're most likely in the Smart-1 6000 range with additional licenses. 

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