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Loging issues

Hello All,


I am trying to track down a client issue through the log on my 5000 series appliance running R80.40 version of the software. When in the logs I have filtered by a date time range and by a source connection. When the logs are presented I notice that the date time is out of order. What I mean here is lets say for example I filter for April 9 - 11 2021. The filtered log will start at the 11th and as a scroll down the log it will go further back. However the log will continue to jump dates back and forth. So it will go to the 10th and then the 9th and then back to the 10th and back to the 9th. I then noticed that even though I got to the bottom of the log and more entries were generated the date and times were just cycling through. So I would get 30 entries for the 9th and then 30 for the 10th and back to the 9th but the 9th entries were the same time and entries as the previous 9th entries. I though I would be clever and export the 900 log entries I had to a CSV and sort it myself. Once I did that I found the first 577 entries were blank and the rest actually had log data. However, this is not enough to track down my issue. Does anyone know what is happening here with the logs, or maybe another way I can get the logs out of the system?





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Without seeing the precise log entries complete with the log cards, I can only assume you're seeing something being consolidated as a session that is happening over multiple days.
You should be able to confirm this yourself by clicking on the relevant log entries yourself and viewing the log card.

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Thats interesting issue, for sure. Maybe without rebooting or doing cpstop/start, you can try running cpwd_admin list, hit enter and it would give lines on what to run to stop and start fwd process. Hopefully that would help.

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