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Log tab - timeout


I observed one below issue with one of admin account which have RO access to domains.

User accidently remove the log tab and now when he is adding log tab , getting timeout error.

I created new id with similar name (not exactly same) then he is getting the log tab.

Do smart console have any OS registry entries or profile setting or some sort of caching in windows OS that I need to reset. ?

I tried deletion and re-creation of the id but when login with id , getting same log window (timeout)

Usually when we create the new id then log tab comes automatically.

Please suggest further how should I proceed now ?


Jaspal Singh

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Are you seeing this behavior when the user logs into a different SmartConsole installation on a different computer or does it follow the user around?

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On different system ( from my jump server) he was able to see the logs on new log tab with his own id.

however on his own system he is not able to see the logs after adding new log tab, he accidently deleted his log tab and now after adding new one he is getting timeout. I doubt there is some sort of caching that I need to clear but now sure how to do it.

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