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Log server - distribution


We are currently using Log distribution settings like - Send a copy of every logs to each of the primary log server.

Is it possible to have two primary log server and have one of them to send a copy to the backup log server?

We have two primary log server with on in each different country.
And one as backup in primary country.

We have look into to use dynamic log distribution meaning - Distribute logs between log server for improved performance - (applied to primary and backup log server).

This I have looked in the existing thread Dynamic logs distribution - Check Point CheckMates for answers but questions still arises. As I understand this feature is only available for gateway R81.x and for performance and resilience. Maybe this doesn't really accommodate our requirements.

Does there exist other ways of managing logs in a MDS solution?

Like we will have two primary log server within two different countries and one primary sends it copy to one backup log server?
With the existing solution before R81.x gateways would send a copy of logs to both primary servers (eg. we would have two primary log servers). Only when these two log servers become unavailable only then logs are send to back log server.

Looking forward to hear from you.





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In one of your primary log server objects, you can select 'Forward log files to Log Server' and schedule a time to forward the logs to a backup server. 


Good screenshot in this thread: Export Logs to another Log Server - Check Point CheckMates

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