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Log Exporter stopped sending logs

Hi There,

The Log Exporter was working normaly on the FW, and  without any modification on FW, the Log Exporter stopped sending the logs, we got the following:

[log_indexer ...]@xGW[DATE TIME] SyslogTCPSender::connect: Failed to initialize socket (:port)
[log_indexer ...]@xGW[DATE TIME] TcpTlsSender::connect: Failed to create socket.

And after a few days, Log Exporter started sending the logs.

I thought the cause is "The target server in the Log Exporter configuration is a hostname instead of an IP address" (sk167100). But when I run " #cp_log_export show " , we can see clearly that the traget server is the IP and not the hostname.

             Name: "------"
                enabled: true
                target-server: "IP"
                protocol: tcp
                format: syslog
                read-mode: found
                encrypted: true

Could you help me please to understand this incident?
Is there a way to monitor this process to be immediately notified in case of recurrence?

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Recommend engaging with the TAC here.

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