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Log Exporter guide

Hello All,

We have recently released the Log Exporter solution.
A few posts have already gone up and the full documentation can be found at sk122323.

However, I've received a few questions both on and offline and decided to create a sort of log exporter guide.

But before I begin I’d like to point out that I’m not a Checkpoint spokesperson, nor is this an official checkpoint thread.

I was part of the Log Exporter team and am creating this post as a public service.

I’ll try to only focus on the current release, and please remember anything I might say regarding future releases is not binding or guaranteed.
Partly because I’m not the one who makes those decisions, and partly because priorities will shift based on customer feedback, resource limitations and a dozen other factors. The current plans and the current roadmap is likely to drastically change over time.

And just for the fun of it, I’ll mostly use the question-answer format in this post (simply because I like it and it’s convenient).


Log Exporter – what is it?



Filters: Example 1

Filters: Example 2

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