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Log BGP peering changes to Solarwinds


I have created an alert on my Solarwinds that would be triggered by a syslog entry from my Checkpoints to tell me that a BGP peering had changed.

The problem is that i can see no way of getting the Checkpoints to produce a syslog message for BGP changes.

I have logging set to send to the external server at an Informational level.  I have ticked the boxes to get the Checkpoints to log BGP state transitions etc.  But i get no such logs..

I'm using R80.30


Thanks in advance.

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What precise settings did you enable and where?
Also, did you disable the option to Log Routed Separately in Advanced Routing > Routing Options?

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If I recall dynamic route logs go to /var/log/routed.log. I think tracing needs to be enabled though? 


set trace bgp x x on

something like that. 

I don't think that helps you though. A better solution might be extended net-snmpd to give you bgp peer information from running a shell script or something.

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