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Licensing and cluster failover

We were cleaning up the Check Point licenses for a client. They have a set of 3000 GW's that are setup for ClusterXL and FW1 is active and FW2 standby. We accidentally removed the license from FW1 and it did not take long before we were getting calls as traffic stopped flowing. The license was still applied to FW2 but it did not fail over. We ran a clusterXL_admin down on FW1 and FW2 became active and traffic began flowing. We attached the license back to FW1, failed back and traffic passed. Should the cluster have failed over to FW2 when the license was removed or is this normal behaviour? Thanks.

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To all I know this would be normal behavior, the gateway cannot know that the other gateway has a valid license as this info is not exchanged.
Regards, Maarten
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