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Legacy DHCP Relay Services

We enable the new services as mentioned in the sk104114 and we can see the new services in SMS. As we are  using the legacy DHCP/BOOTSTRAP services in rules to pass through the firewall ( firewalls is not configured as DHCP relay or server on all clusters except one ). Firewall is just allowing this traffic between DHCP client and server.   Now, my question is, how these new DHCP services(DHCP-request and DHCP-relay) will be replaced with the current/legacy DHCP/BOOTSTRAP services used in the rules. Will we replace dhcp-rep-localmodule and bootpc using port UDP/68 with DHCP-request service and bootp and dhcp-req-localmodule services using UDP/67 with DHCP-relay.



Also, as per the sk104114 if we have VRRP cluster we don't need to change the value of kernel parameter fwx_dhcp_relay_nat . and  not make any changes to the table.def  file - to exclude UDP port 67 and UDP port 68 from no_hide_services_ports table and from no_fold_services_ports  table . Will these step still be required if the gateway is being used as a  DHCP Reply


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sk104114 tells you what the policy should look like.
It also shouldn't require that kernel variable change.
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