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Jumbo Hotfix Take 24 issue

One important note before installing the Jumbo Hotfix Take 24:

If you install that GA Take, you would not be able to use the Central Deployment Tool anymore! This is something that I noticed once and could replicate many times since then.

I am in the process of creating a workaround for this. If you want to create the candidate list with the CDT, you get an error message saying "Failed to connect to NGM server".


Yasushi (CCSE R80.10)

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Please engage with TAC.

It does work for me :

> show installer packages
** ************************************************************************* **
** Connection error. Packages list might be incomplete **
** ************************************************************************* **
** ************************************************************************* **
** Hotfixes **
** ************************************************************************* **
Display name Status
Check_Point_R80_10_JUMBO_HF_Bundle_FULL.tgz Installed as part of Installed
HOTFIX_R80_10 Installed (Legacy)

./CentralDeploymentTool -generate 1.csv

Mon Aug 7 11:27:13 2017 *A* [Main]: ========================================================

Mon Aug 7 11:27:13 2017 *A* [Main]: Current execution logs are in: /var/log/CPcdt/logs_2017-08-07-11-27-13/
Mon Aug 7 11:27:13 2017 *N* [Main]: Please wait while generating the installation candidates list...
Mon Aug 7 11:27:13 2017 *N* [Main]: This process may take a few minutes.

Mon Aug 7 11:27:16 2017 *N* [Main]: The generated candidates list is: 1.csv

Mon Aug 7 11:27:16 2017 *N* [Main]:
Installation Candidates List:

Generation time: 07-08-2017 11:27:16
This installation candidates list was generated for use with the following package only:
File: /home/admin/toInstall.tgz
Type: Major
Version: R77.30

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My name is Dmitry and I'm an engineer in the RnD team responsible for CDT at Check Point.

We have tried to reproduce this issue and it seems that CDT works well after installing jumbo hotfix take 24.

The error message you are receiving could be a result of not having a proper license on your machine. Are you able to connect to the management server using SmartConsole?

If you are still unable to get CDT to work, please send me your contact details so we can understand what the problem is and resolve it.




Dear Dmitry,

thank you for your effort. I am able to connect to the Management Server. However, I used the 15-days-eval license. Could this be the problem? So far, I could even download the files using CPUSE, so I thought that the license itself is not an issue.

Maybe, it is an issue of my lab environment, so I will try to install the MDS server on a different system.


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It could very well be you need an evaluation license (not the 15-day PnP license) to use CDT.

Hopefully‌ can confirm one way or the other.

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