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Issue with licences since R80.20 Management upgrade

Hi All

Last week we migrated from R77.30 management to R80.20.

All seems ok, however on some of the Firewalls, they are coming up with IPS expired, all licences are fine an relevant for our estate.

the Gateways are running R77.30 for now.

Any ideas why some of them are showing this?

Many thanks

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Do the same as you would do with a R77.30 management:
update the contract in SmartUpdate (Manage Licenses and contract) check for old contracts and delete them before that
on the troubled gateway run in expert mode: contract_util mgmt
Then leave it alone for at least 4 hours, so far most of our contract problems disappeared this way. If not --> TAC/Account Services
Regards, Maarten
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Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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