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Issue with SmartEvent after re-IP of SMS

I recently upgraded and migrated an SMS server from R77.20 to R77.30. At the same time I migrated the server to a new DC and gave it a new IP address (used Migrate Export/Import - built new R77.30 GAIA instance before import). I have a SmartEvent Server that I also upgraded from R77.20 to R77.30 (in-place). When I connect to the SmartEvent server, it shows the status as ok and the object sync as ok, but the events received in the last minute sits at 0. If I go to the Correlation Unit and view the log server, the IP address associated with the SMS server is the old IP address. I have tried clearing the db and initiating a new sync based on SK119072 and another SK that seems to be eluding me at the moment. 

Anyone ever run into this type of an issue? Any ideas would be much appreciated. 

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Hi Chris,

First of all verify if your licenses on new migrated SMS are pointing to the right IP address.

Did you perform all mentioned steps in the sk?? Or only those of database clearing?

Peraphs you will have to manually delete and add again the log/audit servers on SmartEvent Server configuration.



I did all the steps in the SK. The other SK that I can't seem to find also had a step to clear the SmartEvent Consolidator and SmartEvent Server on the object, install database, then re-enable. I may go ahead and delete the object and re-create - obviously needing to re-establish SIC and see where that goes. Thanks for the reply!


Chris, these are the notes from one of my previous migrations that may be useful:

To export the database:
On R70.20 and above:

Collect EVA backup:

[Expert@HostName]# $RTDIR/bin/eva_db_backup.csh -filename /path_to/Name_of_EVA_Backup_File events_db

Store the EVA backup file together with the Check Point infrastructure backup file from Step 2 above.

For example, use TAR:

[Expert@HostName]# tar cvf CP_Backup_And_EVS_Backup.tar /path_to/CP_Backup_File.tgz /path_to/EVA_Backup_File.tgz

Collect the SmartEvent database / SmartReporter database information on the source server for verification:

[Expert@HostName]# cpstat cpsemd

Transfer the collected exported files from the source server to your target server (which has to be already fully installed and configured).
To Import Database:

On R70.20 and above:

Stop the SmartEvent / SmartReporter services:

[Expert@HostName]# evstop

Restore the events database:

[Expert@HostName]# $RTDIR/bin/eva_db_restore.csh -filename /path_to/Name_of_EVA_Backup_File.tgz events_db

Check the $RTDIR/conf/eventia_upgrade.C file:

[Expert@HostName]# less $RTDIR/conf/eventia_upgrade.C

If the values of the attribute 'online_status' and attribute 'background_status' are 'DONE', then delete this 'DONE' value using the Vi editor.

[Expert@HostName]# vi $RTDIR/conf/eventia_upgrade.C

Modify from
online_status (DONE)
background_status (DONE)
online_status ()
background_status ()
Start the SmartEvent / SmartReporter services:

[Expert@HostName]# evstart

Verify that the SmartEvent database / SmartReporter database has been restored:

Either run the following command and compare its output with the output that was collected together with the backup file:

[Expert@HostName]# cpstat cpsemd

Or connect with SmartEvent / SmartReporter GUI client to SmartEvent / SmartReporter server.

Connect with SmartEvent GUI to SmartEvent Server - go to 'Actions' menu - click on 'Install Event Policy'.

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I meant to get back here and let everyone know what eventually fixed it. Basically I did everything in SK mentioned above, but it did not matter. I ended up Resetting SIC and doing the SK along with clearing the GUI Cache and this combination seemed to have taken care of the issue. 

Thanks for everyone for the responses.